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Things to Consider When Looking for a New Place to Rent in Hertfordshire

Looking for a place to rent is a time-consuming task and it can feel like an endless beauty parade of houses and flats. There is no set formula for finding the ideal house, but you can take a checklist approach.

What’s Your Budget and the Cost of Renting?

On the surface, it seems like you only pay the monthly rental amount, however there are more costs involved. You’ll need to take into account whether you have to pay a deposit, the cost of council tax, and the cost of bills for the property. The area will impact on the price of rent, as well as the size of the property and extra features such as a drive way etc.

Location and Local Amenities

Location is important when choosing a rental property in Hertfordshire. Take into account how far you will need to travel for work and whether there is public transport if you don’t have a car. It’s also worth considering the local amenities around, including shops, pubs, cafes etc. If you’re after a place with a lot going on, a house in a remote location won’t be ideal.

Furniture and Fittings

Some rental properties can come fully or part-furnished, so it is important to consider your current furniture and whether it will fit into the house. You should also check the condition of the furniture in the property, such as any white goods that are included.

Using a Good Letting Agent in Hertfordshire

A good letting agent is essential in helping you to find the perfect rental property. They will have the skills and knowledge to help make your search for a new house easy and enjoyable. When working with a letting agent like home abroad, ensure you are clear on your needs, as this will help the whole process move smoothly.