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Questions to Ask a Letting Agent when Appointing Someone to Manage your Property in Berkhamsted

A good letting agent is essential for a landlord for many reasons. A letting agent in Berkhamsted will help you in many ways, from taking the stress out of managing the property to finding new tenants. It is important to make sure you find the right letting agent. Here are some key questions to ask before appointing a letting agent in Berkhamsted.

Are They a Member of an Organisation?

There are a few nationally recognised organisations that ensure a high quality of practice and legal compliance. Important organisations to ask about are:

1. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or ‘RICS’
2. The National Association of Estate Agents or ‘NAEA’
3. Association of Letting Agents or ‘ARLA’

Also ensure you ask how long they have been members for, as this will show that they are committed to providing a quality service.

How Many Properties Do They Manage?

The amount of properties the letting agent manages in their portfolio is important. This shows that they are able to handle a certain capacity. Also take into account the mood in the office and how the staff seem – do they seem like they are efficient and able to deal with a range of enquiries?

How Many Tenants Are Behind on Their Rent?

This is essential for you to ask so you know how the letting agent will deal with rent arrears. Do they have a system in place that ensures they will react quickly?

How Do They Screen New Tenants?

As a property owner, you will have an idea of who you want to be living in your property. A screening process is vital to ensure that you get the ideal tenant, so do ask how they will screen new tenants. Do they meet the tenant personally? Will they conduct a thorough background check?